Very welcoming villages and towns

Family-friendly destinations


Saxony ticks all the right boxes for a family holiday, including family-friendly accommodation, playgrounds and other activity options for kids. Families are more than welcome in Saxony and will enjoy the many family-friendly leisure facilities.

Saxony‘s family-friendly destinations play a special role in this. All of these locations offer a range of family-focused facilities and services. To this day, altogether 12 towns and villages in Saxony have been certified as family-friendly – which might make your holiday decision easier!

Some of our criteria for family-friendly destinations

  • At least one family-friendly accommodation
  • At least one family-friendly leisure facility
  • Family-friendly overall impression through visible child-friendly design elements
  • Walks suitable for pushchairs
  • At least one publicly accessible playground with TÜV-certified equipment and signs that declare it as dog-free zone (TÜV =  German technical inspection authority).

Our Family-friendly destinations