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Health Resorts & Spas

Competent Health Centres with a license to pamper

Wherever an “officially recognised health resort” invites guests in Saxony, you may expect something really special. Natural remedies like thermal and mineral springs, mud treatments or a therapeutically useful climate are prerequisites for this coveted rating. Additionally, spa guests should be able to relax and recreate as close to nature as possible which requires an appealing environment in the midst of beautiful nature. Also indispensable in a health spa: well-trained medics and therapists, a wide range of recognised naturopathic treatments and of course accommodation options that make you feel comfortable. Officially recognised and confirmed – for your health!


Overview: health resorts and spas



Climatic spa in the Eastern Ore Mountains, rehab clinic with large pool and sauna landscape, training trails, well-developed hiking and skiing area.

Aue-Bad Schlema

Radon spa in the Ore Mountains, uplands landscape, spa park, highly modern therapeutic centre with spa and wellness oasis.

Bad Brambach

Mineral spa / Saxon state spa in the Vogtland region, strongest radon mineral spring in the world with a unique composition, more than 100 years of health cure tradition, new radon therapy centre (2021), modern pool and sauna complex, historic park, rehab clinic.

Bad Düben

Mud spa in the Saxon Heathland near Leipzig with more than 100 years of spa tradition, hospital for orthopaedics, rehab clinic, HEIDE SPA cure and wellness centre, healing powers of the natural moor.

Bad Elster

More than 170 years of tradition as mineral and mud health resort / Saxon state bath in the Vogtland region, brine bath, historic Albert Bath with modern therapy and wellness centre as well as pool and sauna complex, historic park with exercise trails, König Albert Theatre, royal spa house, open-air theatre, medical competency in 6 modern rehab clinics, medical research and training.

Bad Lausick

Health spa in the Saxon “Land of Castles” South of Leipzig: the natural remedy is thermal water from 1,300 m of depth, two rehab clinics, and the RIFF spa and leisure pool.

Bad Muskau

Town with mud spa in Upper Lusatia: Since 1823, the exquisite quality of the Bad Muskau moor has been widely known. Solar-thermal spring, Fürst Pückler Park UNESCO World Heritage Site, cure treatments in the Fürst Pückler spa hotel.

Bad Schandau

Oldest health resort for Kneipp therapies in Saxon Switzerland, located by the river Elbe. During the lifetime of Kneipp, a sanatorium developed here in accordance with his nature-based way of living and healing. Toskana Therme thermal bath with LiquidSound pool.

Bad Gottleuba-Berggießhübel

Bad Gottleuba – mineral spa, Berggießhübel – health resort for Kneipp therapies: two spas – one goal: wellness and recovery in the Saxon Switzerland National Park.


The districts of Erlbach, Eubabrunn, Gopplasgrün and Wernitzgrün are climatic spas in the nature park of the Ore Mountains/Vogtland region, directly on the border to the Czech Republic with hiking, cycling and winter sports offers.

Jonsdorf health resort

Climatic spa, idyllic setting in the nature park of the Zittau Mountains in South-East Saxony with hiking, cycling, wellness and winter sports offers.

Oberwiesenthal health resort

The climatic conditions and extraordinary landscape around the Fichtelberg mountain (1,215 m above sea level, East Germany's highest mountain) offer visitors of the climatic spa town Oberwiesenthal (914 m above sea level and Germany's highest town) numerous possibilities to recharge their batteries.

Rathen health resort

Climatic spa at the foot of the world-famous “Bastei” rock formation in the midst of the Saxon Switzerland National Park. The location and the relief of the landscape provide a varied training terrain on 10 exercise trails.

Warmbad health resort

Health spa in the Ore Mountains: warmest thermal spring in the oldest Saxon spa; for more than 600 years, the thermal water of 26.5 °C has been used for mineral drinking and bathing cures.

Thermalbad Wiesenbad

Town with spa cures in the Ore Mountains: Rehab clinic “Miriquidi“, musculoskeletal system, water of 26 °C containing fluoride-carbon dioxide and a little radon from the depths of the earth.


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