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Nature is full of healing power: It provides humans with an infinite treasure in form of water, air, minerals, and herbs. Many of them have been known for a long time, and some are just experiencing a come-back – for more health and well-being. The precious treasures of nature are purified and used with much effort and according to high quality standards in the Saxon health resorts.

Ein Mann und eine Frau in einem Wasserbecken im Spa Bereich des Elldus Resort Oberwiesenthal.© Katja Fouad Vollmer
Oberwiesenthal Elldus

WATER – a perfect duet of oxygen and hydrogen.
Mineral and thermal water have very diverse effects on the human organism. Sometimes, their ingredients are used therapeutically, other times their physical properties like warmth, pressure, and the generation of buoyancy. They are used e.g. during baths in a tub, exercise therapy or for different mineral water drinking therapies.

BRINE – valuable salts, dissolved in pure water
Brine baths are a proven therapy for skin and respiratory system conditions as well as musculoskeletal disorders. Additionally, they can alleviate metabolic disorders and strengthen the vegetative nervous system. Brine is used in different concentrations in baths, inhalations, rinses, mineral water drinking therapies, poultices, etc.

MUD – thousands of years old and full of therapeutic power
Mud is used in form of hot and cold packs, full and partial baths or during mud massages. It develops its therapeutic power in case of disorders of the musculoskeletal system or gynaecological ailments. Due to the regionally differing ingredients of mud, its effect during treatment varies as well.

RADON – a rare noble gas with long cure tradition
The healing power of nature not only comes in liquid form. Radon is a precious noble gas that is used as natural remedy. It has already been used therapeutically for more than 100 years. It effectuates an activation of the metabolism. Consequently, inflammations can be inhibited, and the body’s repair mechanisms stimulated. For example, radon treatments can alleviate ailments due to inflammatory and rheumatic diseases. The strongest radon mineral spring of the world can be found in Bad Brambach in Saxony.

AIR – far more than just the air we breathe
Especially people with respiratory disorders appreciate the healing power of good, clean air. As poor in emissions and allergens as possible and in combination with an appropriate bioclimate, it can aid in strengthening the immune system and increasing the performance capability as component of the “climatic movement therapy”.

MEDICINAL HERBS – soothing and healing since the beginning of time
For thousands of years, humans have collected and preserved the knowledge of medicinal herbs and plants from nature. For a long time, they were the only thing they had at their disposal to treat illnesses and disorders. Today, the herbs are an integral component of many holistic therapeutic approaches – and indispensable in healthy cooking.

Jemand sitzt auf einer Bank, im Hintergrund die Landschaft von Bad Muskau. Die Person hat die Füße in einem Wassertopf mit Zitronen.© Katja Fouad Vollmer
Bad Muskau Anwendungen

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