Medical Treatments in Saxony

Relieve chronic pain with radon and thermal water, feel the healing effects of moor mud or get to know the hydrotherapy methods of the German priest Sebastian Kneipp to boost your immune system – using the power of nature to care for body, mind and soul has a long tradition in Saxony. The region features 15 state-approved health resorts and spas as well as almost 80 hospitals and many medical wellness resorts, providing a wide range of offers in the fields of treatment, prevention, healthcare, relaxation and well-being for international patients and clients.

Medical wellness

Why not combine the pleasant with the beneficial? Saxony has a wide range of medical wellness facilities that bundle special wellness offers with medical services. Guided by professionals, you can do a lot of good for your health while at the same time relax in saunas and steam baths or enjoy facial and body treatments. A few days can be enough to recharge your batteries and a number of wellness hotels and resorts offer specially tailored packages. Their often beautiful surroundings in nature provides additional benefit.

Good to know:
The term “medical wellness" is used to describe the synergetic combination of medicine and wellness which can achieve more for your health than either of the two on its own.

Radon treatment spas

In Saxony, radon mineral spas for the treatment of pain have a long tradition. Bad Brambach in the Vogtland region is home to the strongest radon mineral healing spring in the world. The radon therapy centre, newly opened in August 2021, offers radon in four different forms of application, i.e., as drinking cures, full baths, inhalations and rinses, which is unique in Germany. The natural radioactive noble gas is also used in the radon spa Bad Schlema in the Ore Mountains to promote health. It activates the metabolism, our bodies‘ self-healing powers and the release of endorphins. Treatments with the odourless gas have an anti-inflammatory effect and also help to relieve chronic pain. Side effects are not known.

Good to know:
Radon is found in granite-containing rock and soil, is odourless and tasteless and cannot be perceived with the naked eye. Since it dissipates relatively quickly, radon therapies are only possible and effective in the vicinity of natural radon deposits. For treatments, it can be dissolved in water or used as radon-containing air.

Moor mud spas

The four health resorts of Bad Düben, Bad Muskau, Bad Elster and Bad Gottleuba-Berggießhübel know all about the healing powers of moor mud. Bad Düben is located near Leipzig on the edge of the Düben Heath Nature Park and is home to Germany's oldest spa park. The town has been known for its "black gold" since the end of the 19th century. Bad Muskau’s spa, on the border with Poland, was founded by the famous Prince Pückler for the treatment of illnesses, including cardiovascular or skin diseases and rheumatism with natural moor, mud thermal brine and the water from the unique Vitriol spring. In Bad Elster in the Vogtland region guests can benefit from the healing powers of moor and water. Bad Gottleuba-Berggießhübel in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains is a spa resort for both moor mud and Kneipp cures.

Good to know:
Moor mud is a natural multi-talent with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. It has both preventive and curative effects on arthrosis, gout, sciatica, rheumatism, damaged intervertebral discs, gynaecological disorders, osteoporosis and circulatory disorders.

Kneipp health resorts

Altenberg in the Ore Mountains, Bad Schandau and Bad Gottleuba-Berggießhübel in Saxon Switzerland specialise in the 200-year-old natural medicine of Sebastian Kneipp. His holistic concept revolves around the combination of the five elements water, healthy nutrition, use of herbs, exercise and inner order. All three Kneipp resorts offer guests not only treatments to boost their immune system but also beautiful scenery and nature.

Good to know:
The natural healing concept of the German “water doctor” Sebastian Kneipp is UNESCO-listed.

Climatic health resorts

The climatic health resorts of Gohrisch, Jonsdorf, Rathen, Oberwiesenthal and Markneukirchen are all about pure and fresh air. They offer special exercise therapies that stimulate the cardiovascular system as well as your breathing and strengthen muscles, ligaments and joints. The whole-body workout considers mindfulness and is all the more pleasant as the climatic health resorts are surrounded by stunning nature.

Good to know:
The climatic health resort of Gohrisch features a network of specific trails of different lengths that are divided into three performance categories. Perfect for a full-body workout while enjoying the great outdoors at the same time!

Thermal baths

In the towns of Wiesenbad, Bad Lausick and Wolkenstein, healing waters bubble up from the depths of the earth. In Wiesenbad in the Ore Mountains, the thermal spring has been used as a fountain of health for 500 years, also in combination with medicinal herbs. Bad Lausick’s healing waters have been used for 200 years to treat kidney and urinary tract diseases, digestive tract disorders and iron deficiency conditions. The warmest spring in Saxony is located in the Ore Mountains in Wolkenstein. The thermal water has a temperature of 26.5 degree and is ideal for treating the musculoskeletal system as well as cardiovascular diseases. Give it a try and benefit from these precious gifts of nature!

Good to know:
The warm water spring in Wolkenstein was discovered as early as 1385 in connection with silver ore mining. The town’s landmark, Wolkenstein Castle, rises on a steep rock above the Zschopau river.

Hospitals and international patients

Saxony is home to around 80 state-of-the-art hospitals, including many private ones, that also care for patients from around the world. In the two renowned university hospitals in Dresden and Leipzig and two specialised heart centres there, cutting-edge research supports medical care. Saxony's hospitals offer almost all medical specialties, including from post-covid rehab, plastic-reconstructive surgery and oncology or cardiology, for patients to receive the best of care and recover quickly.

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