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3 days among women on the Stoneman Miriquidi

Reception for the C-Edition

The welcome at Prijut12 is as warm as among long-time friends. But this is my first time in Oberwiesenthal. Philipp knows who I am straight away and, despite the many guests in the rustic log cabin, takes the time to explain my starter pack and give me some final tips for the coming days. He also introduces me directly to Anja, who will also be taking on the guided Ladies Tour in bronze. We sit together for a while and I'm delighted at how open and friendly it is right from the start. The next morning, the guided tour officially starts at the foot of the cable car up the Fichtelberg. The guide Katja welcomes me and the other participants with literally open arms. There is an immediate feeling of solidarity among us all - we want to complete the Stoneman Miriquidi C-Edition, have a great time together and be back in the same place with our bronze stone in three days' time!

Day 1: First checkpoint Bärenstein

Katja explains the luggage transfer process between the hotels that the tourism association has booked for us in advance. After we have been given some general information about the next three days, we get straight down to business. At over 12%, we head out of Oberwiesenthal into the forest, following the yellow Stoneman signs. Once everyone has regained their breath, we roll together along the fine forest paths and get to know each other better. We turn off the official route, Katja wants to show us something that we will often encounter over the next three days. She takes us to a dam and gives us a brief and informative outline of its creation and significance for the region. You can tell immediately that she is a true local and loves "her" Ore Mountains. She points to a mountain behind the lake: "That's the Bärenstein! Our first stamping point is up there." We all look at each other and look forward to soon being able to punch our first hole in the stamp card, but also suspect that the way there will still take some effort. Everyone masters the steep climb at their own pace and there are high fives for everyone at the checkpoint. We celebrate the first stamp, take photos and are happy to be here together. While we get some more insider information about the region at the summit, we plunder the packed lunches we got from the hotel.

Full of motivation on the Scheibenberg

The mood on the way to the next two checkpoints of the day is relaxed and we are having fun. There are tricky ascents over an old bobsleigh track and technical descents on narrow trails. And this is where it happens: a slippery root, a moment of carelessness and a fall. Everyone is immediately on hand to help, push the bike and take care of it. Once the initial moment of shock has passed and the wound has been cleaned, she gets straight back up: "I can't stop here! I want to do the Stoneman!" We all grin at each other and wordlessly agree that we will master the three days together, no matter what! The bike computer only shows a few kilometers to the day's finish, but Katja warns us. "This is going to be a tough nut to crack, we have to climb a steep, rooty trail up the Scheibenberg!" As we gather ourselves at a key section, a group of other Stoneman riders pass by. We greet each other warmly, cheer each other on on the trail, battle and overtake each other again and again on the narrow trail - always with a big grin on our faces. At the top of the Scheibenberghaus, we get the last stamp of the first day and end the day in the sun with coffee, cake and a satisfied feeling. We have in-depth conversations, take a walk under a starry sky and I am amazed at how all the different types of women harmonize so wonderfully.

Day 2: Trail park fun on the Rabenberg

The next morning at breakfast, Katja reminds us that today is going to be a long day and that we can't dawdle like we did yesterday. We all feel a little queasy in our stomachs, as our legs are already telling us that they were already well challenged yesterday. We pack our lunch boxes and a few extra bars and set off. Below our hotel, however, we turn off towards the famous organ pipes - we have to have enough time! In the morning mist, we marvel at the 30-metre-high basalt rocks and Katja explains to us how they were formed from lava. But now we have to move on. Conversations are a little more subdued today. We cycle uphill and downhill through the dense forest, only taking short breaks to drink and take photos. The stretch to the first day's checkpoint on the Rabenberg is a long one. But your perseverance is rewarded with the finest, shaped trails in the trail park! We whizz through the wonderful curves of the flow trail, shred over roots and rocks and the trail spits us out again in the valley - each of us with a big grin on our faces. The initial tension of the day is gone and we make our way to our lunch stop.

Up to the top of the Auersberg

However, famished and more than ready for a break, we stand in front of the "closed company" sign. Anja persuades the innkeeper with the tongues of an angel and charm to provide us with a few drinks. We sit on the grass in front of the inn with apple spritzers and share our packed lunches and bars. Despite everything, the atmosphere is great. We continue on to the next two stamping points. Not just Katja, but every single one of us motivates and supports when someone else has a slump. The team spirit is unbroken! Our fourth and final checkpoint is on the Auersberg, but it has to be well earned. We fight our way up the second highest mountain in Saxony with tired legs and when we finally reach the summit plateau, we are greeted with applause and cheering. The group of men from yesterday are already in a good mood in the restaurant garden, enjoying a cold beer and inviting us to join them at their table. We get the seventh hole for our stamp card and are overjoyed to have completed this royal stage. After a good dinner, we all fall into bed, tired but satisfied.

Day 3: Exchange of experiences and boggy prospects

We start the last day with a leisurely breakfast. The rest of the route takes us up to 1215 meters, but we secretly know that we will make it today. In a good mood and chatting wildly, we follow the Stoneman signs in beautiful weather. At a junction, Katja calls out loudly and directs us away from the route again. After just three minutes, we are suddenly standing on a viewing tower in the middle of a huge moorland landscape. We take the time to stop for a moment. But each of us now wants to continue, because we can already hear the Stoneman Trophy calling. For the second time, we pass the lovely rest stop especially for all Stonemen and -women. A private garden with deckchairs under fruit trees, fridges with drinks and chocolate bars and even Wi-Fi invites you to take an extended break. We chat with other cyclists who are on the Stoneman MTB or Road, sharing our experiences and adventures. It's like meeting up with old friends, you immediately feel connected. But at some point we really have to move on. We pedal through a long valley alongside a beautiful stream, when suddenly a massive gravel ramp opens up in front of us. We grit our teeth because no one really wants to descend. And indeed, everyone makes it and as a reward we get a view of our final checkpoint - the Fichtelberghaus. However, the gradient doesn't let up and the sky darkens above us. The closer we get to our destination, the more it roars from above. When we are almost at the summit, the sky opens up, but we don't let that spoil our good mood - especially not now!

Trophies after the Fichtelberg

Each participant is greeted with loud cheers and a hug on the Fichtelberg - everyone has made it! Soaked to the skin but overjoyed, we punch our last hole in the map. And suddenly there is more applause and cheering from somewhere. Lo and behold, "our" group of men has also just reached the summit! One last time, we need full concentration for the descent from Fichtelberg to Oberwiesenthal, where the Best Western Hotel welcomes us with our suitcases. The friendly receptionist sends us in our dirty cycling gear straight to the wellness area, where we warm up in the sauna and relax after three days. We enjoy the great feeling of having made it together and celebrate afterwards at Prijut12. Philipp welcomes us with a hug and wants to know every detail of what we have experienced over the last few days. He ceremoniously hands each finisher a personalized trophy with a bronze stone. We enjoy the whole evening together, lie in each other's arms and have tears in our eyes when we have to say goodbye. Three days ago, we were just a wild group of strangers, now we are allies and friends.

Bronze is followed by silver

A few days later, my cell phone rings. Katja has written a message in our Whats App group: "I don't actually do 2-day guiding. But hey, who's going for silver next year?" My cell phone beeps and vibrates like crazy. Just a few minutes later, everyone has confirmed and with a huge grin, I'm already looking forward to seeing everyone again next year and experiencing the Stoneman Miriquidi in two days.


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