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9th Saxon State Horticultural Show in Torgau

At a glance

The green Renaissance town of Torgau invites you in the year 2022 to the 9th Torgau Horticultural Show (LaGa).

The garden show area, which is embedded in a part of the historical city park of Torgau, covers an area of more than 24 hectares. Different circular paths and paths structure the areas and gardens on this site. A guidance system leads to the attractions. Guests can experience the full spectrum of history and the newly designed open spaces. The Landesgartenschau is a charming invitation to discover the nature and history of Torgau.

From the colourful Landesgartenschau area with the various offers in the Stadtpark, on the Eichwiese, on the newly created and designed areas over the former slaughterhouse area to the city centre, it is only a stone’s throw away. This is one of the special charms of the 9th Saxon State Garden Show, because here you can combine a visit to this nationally significant exhibition with a visit to the historically valuable old town.

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