30th festival sandstone and music

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The Sandstone and Music Festival, which takes place almost all year round, is one of the outstanding cultural events in the area.

The Sandstone and Music Festival takes place in carefully selected locations whose scenic and architectural charm captivates. Often located in the heart of Saxon Switzerland, they offer visitors a musical experience in perfect harmony with the surroundings in a unique sandstone setting. Churches such as Königstein, Papstdorf and Dohna, Pirna, Liebstadt, Lohmen and Lauenstein are included as well as Weesenstein Castle and Stolpen Castle, Rammenau Baroque Castle and Großsedlitz Baroque Garden. Music, culture and nature merge into a work of art.

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Stadtkirche St. Marien zu Pirna
Kirchplatz 14
01796 Pirna

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